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Audi A4 DBA-8KCDN Engine

The Audi A4 DBA-8KCDN Engine, featuring the LY9C CDNB powerplant, is your gateway to enhanced performance. This engine offers a significant boost in power and torque, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience.

A car name: Audi A4

Parts: 202307050120100

A part name: Engine ASSY

Parts division: Recycling product

Item Number: CDNB

A vehicle type name: Four-door sedan

A popular name model: WAUZZZ8K

An authorized model: DBA-8KCDN

An age type: February, 2014

Grade: 2.0TFSI (Right)

Engine specifications: DOHC IC turbo

Number of cars: WAUZZZ8K9EA08****

Color ibis Inc. WHITE

Kolor No: LY9C

Trim No: N2M/FZ

An Engine model: CDN

A shift: CVT

Displacement volume: 2000

The mileage: 42033

Engine No: 391460

A wound: [compression 1, 1.10] [compression 2, 1.10] [compression 3, 1.10] [compression 4, 1.10]
Notes 1 belongs to a twin cam, injection, a turbo, 4 valves, idling stop, Automatic, 2WD, Throttle Body missing part, intercooler missing part, harness nothing


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  • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
  • This item comes with an Engine ONLY.

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