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A CLASS 2019

2019 A Class Mercedes  Engine is a remarkable compact luxury car that exudes sophistication and cutting-edge technology. Anchoring its performance capabilities is an exceptional engine, delivering an exhilarating driving experience that combines power, efficiency, and refinement.

At the core of the 2019 A-Class Mercedes  lies a range of engine options designed to cater to diverse driving preferences. The base model, A 180, features a turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine that produces a lively 134 horsepower. For those seeking more potency, the A 250 model boasts a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, unleashing an impressive 221 horsepower and ensuring exhilarating acceleration.

The engine in the 2019 Mercedes A-Class is a testament to precision engineering. It seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies like direct fuel injection and turbocharging, optimizing power delivery while maximizing fuel efficiency. With refined refinement and minimal vibrations, this engine provides a smooth and quiet ride, enhancing overall driving comfort.


Model: A CLASS Engine

Year: 2019

177 series A180d

Fuel Type: Diesel

Engine code: 608.915  85kw 116bhp


  • Import duties, taxes, and handling fees are not included in the price and must be paid by customers.
  • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
  • This item comes with Engine ONLY.

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