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2023 Mercedes CLA 118 series

The 2023 Mercedes CLA 118 series with a used engine is a luxurious and stylish compact executive car that exudes sophistication and performance. As part of Mercedes-Benz’s renowned CLA lineup, this vehicle combines cutting-edge technology, exquisite design, and impressive driving dynamics.

The 118 series is the latest iteration of the CLA, boasting a more refined and aerodynamic exterior compared to its predecessors. With its sleek lines, bold grille, and distinctive LED headlights, the 2023 CLA presents a captivating and modern appearance that turns heads on the road.


Model: CLA

Year: 2023

118 Series 2.0


Engine Code: 260920

140kw 190bhp

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    • Import duties, taxes, and handling fees are not included in the price and must be paid by customers.
    • Some air shipping carriers may charge an additional fee.
    • This item comes with an Engine ONLY.

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